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Errors committed in the kitchen

Your kitchen seems to be the safest place in terms of food poisoning? Maybe it is, but only if you do not commit errors during cooking.

The main reason for food poisoning - an infection that, somehow, got into food. And often we are helping her with the choice of "habitat".

Error: you cook and eat half raw meat and seafood

This food - a real paradise for dangerous bacteria that can kill, just observing the strict rules of cooking.

To ensure the safety of meat (including poultry), it is necessary to know what the outside temperature steaks and pork should reach 70 degrees, veal and lamb - 75, and poultry - 80. When a piece of piercing with a fork be allocated a light golden juice and nothing else.

Fish should not stick to the fork and should be transparent. Cook until shrimp until they become pink and firm. Mussels and oysters should swell and muddy (about 4-6 minutes of cooking).

Error: undercooked eggs

Chicken and other egg - a perfect breeding ground for salmonella. Therefore, even if you love soft-boiled eggs, step on the throat of his own tastes, and boil them hard-boiled (about 5 minutes of cooking). Scrambled eggs prepared before the disappearance of transparent inclusions, scrambled eggs - 7-8 minutes.

Error: storing food at room temperature

We are talking about is already cooked food, you forgot to clean the refrigerator. If raw potatoes, vegetables, cereals can do without the cold for quite a while, then cooked dishes are left on the stove completely useless. Exclusively in the fridge and the lid closed.

Error: poorly washed vegetables and fruits

To protect themselves from pathogens, all of these gifts of nature before cooking or serving in the
fresh form should be carefully washed in running water. This is especially true roots. The land in which they grew up, of course, the nurse, but also for bacteria.

Error: canned food, and so made to be stored for long

Yes, but only under certain conditions - cold, dark and dry place. Dispose of cans at once, if they are warm; before (on the balcony in winter), covered with rust, deformed or swollen.

Error: vacuum packaging - a guarantee of safety

Bought hot dogs, sausages, meat and fish cut in vacuum pack can be stored in the refrigerator no more than a week. If you do not eat, put them in the freezer. If the package is opened, the shelf life of its contents in the refrigerator is reduced to 3-4 days.

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