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To prepare the necessary:

2.5 cups of flour

1 pack of margarine (200 grams) - margarine need to get ahead, that he was soft

6 tablespoons sour cream

0.5 teaspoon of baking soda with vinegar, slaked or citric acid

2 of melted cheese

3 raw eggs

3 small onions


Fine grater


Pan or baking dish


First prepare the stuffing. To do this, finely diced onion slice. cut onions

Fold everything in a bowl. Then drive back raw eggs. And grate the cheese melted.

Mix well. Here are filling and ready.

Now make the dough.

Knead the flour with your hands and margarine.

So that there was no lumps. Add sour cream and soda, vinegar, slaked.

Knead well

The finished dough is divided into two parts. A little more than the other. Most of the roll, the size depending on where'll bake - baking sheet or baking dish.

Transfer the dough there.

Put the stuffing on the dough and flatten.

The second piece of dough to roll out and cover her pie.

The edges should be pinched.

The top pierced with a fork, so not much swollen pie.

Bake in oven on medium heat for 40 minutes. Cake should be golden brown. A delicious hot and cold become even tastier.

Tips of their experience:

Onions can be pre-fry, but I like and raw. The taste of onions it is not felt.

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