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Pork in wine marinade

Ingredients for the "Pork in a wine marinade"

* 1 kg of pork

* Dry red wine 500 g

* 2 tablespoons coriander

* Cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon

* Vegetable oil (for frying)

* Salt

Ground black pepper

The recipe for "Pork in a wine marinade"

Wash the meat, remove film, slice medium cubes.

In a bowl put the meat, pour in 350 grams of wine and put a tablespoon of coriander, cover and leave to marinate overnight.

Pull the meat from the marinade and dry with a squeeze. DO NOT pour the marinade!

Fry the meat until brown crust on vegetable oil in a frying pan is well heated.

Fried meat lay in a deep pan (I have the cauldron), pour the marinade, the remaining wine, water (which she had covered the meat), salt and pepper and simmer over low heat for two hours, until meat is tender.

At the end of cooking, 20 minutes, put the remaining coriander and cinnamon.

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