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Roulade of chicken breast stuffed with

Tender chicken breast with flavorful bacon, mushrooms and fresh basil leaves in the form of rolls. This can not be bought at the store. And that's really easy to cook.

Ingredients for the "Roll of chicken breast stuffed with"

* Chicken - 3 pcs.

* Mushrooms - 400 grams

* Smoked bacon - 150 g

* Cream - 2 tbsp. l.

* Basil - 4 to 5 sprigs

* Salt

* Pepper

* Foil

Chicken breast lightly wash and dry

Separate the fillet and cut along the part of the breast in two.

All recapture.

Prepare a piece of foil so that the meat would be laid out in the future can be minimized. I got two pieces of foil into 2 rolls. Put the breast on a foil, forming with the rectangles. Can some pieces on each other to impose.

Season with salt and pepper and pour

Mushrooms wash.

Cut into thin strips. I enjoyed "bernorovskoy float."

Brisket is cut into thin plates and thin strips.

Place on prepared meat across the surface of brisket and mushrooms on top in the middle.

Form a roll and put it on both sides of the leaves bazilika.Mozhno put basil in the filling. As I prepared two rolls, the different basil and put her. The taste does not change.

Wrap everything in foil and send it in the oven before cooking.

I cooked in a skillet tsepterovskoy.

Delicious both hot and cold.

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