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Teschin tongue

Mother says daughter - This is your fan I'm so nasty that I enjoyed of his mother in law!

Still, it is understandable why you do not like their tesch! Who will enjoy sharp and prickly remarks about himself beloved. But I'm ready to sing the anthem tescham! Women who have entrusted their daughters to you in hopes that you will caress them and cherish, and instead you spend your time on the computer, in some chat rooms, or lying in front of the TV with the newspaper.

Well, shame on you? Come back to reality! Look, there he stands behind your backs? Wife affectionately patted his shoulder? And you, most of what can now, so it otvetno pat her hand not taking his eyes from the monitor? I know, I know, most wives geek and live. And what a carry in-law? I will be angry at you and yazuvaty with or without. Just to draw your attention to the precious family. And no matter how annoyed you this, but mother-in-it is absolutely right! But ... a recipe.

There is a special recipe for tesch. This is not a fly agaric and Chernobyl apples as you ponadiyalysya and ... mother tongue. Stop! Where you ran? Neeeet, I meant it! "Teschin tongue" - this dish is, Eggplant, sharp and spicy. As a tribute to Teschin words. You'll see after this recipe, your mother immediately podobrishayut!

For cooking we need:
two medium sized eggplant
two large tomatoes
pack of mayonnaise
beam spicy greens
salt and pepper

Eggplant cut into long, thin on the plate. Before their fry, you must sprinkle them with salt and let stand. When the eggplant perform tear, they need to shake. This is to ensure that the eggplant is not bitter.

Then they need obkachaty in flour and fry on both sides in oil.

Now you need to put each piece of eggplant cups tomatoes, salt, pepper firmly, pour mayonnaise, and always sprinkle with herbs and garlic. To "language" was sharp! Fold half.

Teschin tongue ready. Now cut in sachet of mayonnaise corner, but only so that the hole got thin and squeezed mayonnaise on eggplant curls. Top powdered January herbs, and Bring on the bow for mother

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